Pupil Support During Coronavirus School Closure


Pupil Support Staff will do everything they can to continue to support pupils during these challenging times.  Pupils with the highest levels of need and vulnerability will be the priority.


  • Guidance Teachers will prioritise pupils with safe-guarding measures in place.  They will be in communication with partners in Social Work, Mental Health Services etc as set out in Child Plans.
  • Guidance Teachers will monitor other pupils according to need.  Guidance Teachers, parents/carers and pupils can communicate via email, phone or Google Hangout as appropriate.
  • ASN Teachers and Pupil Support Assistants will monitor pupils with high levels of identified learning needs and offer support for work shared by subject teachers.  They will contact pupils via Google Hangouts.  ASN Teachers and parents can communicate via email.
  • Partners such as Children’s Service Workers, Social Work, Primary Mental Health Worker, Scottish Counselling Service will continue their input using phone, email or Skype.

We appreciate your understanding that this is a very different way of working and we are unlikely to be at our full staffing capacity at any point. However, PLEASE contact us with major concerns and we will get back to you.

For pastoral matters, Guidance Teachers are the first point of contact.


Other emergency contacts:

  • Police/Emergency Services 101 or 999
  • Social Work Duty Officer 01349 868700
  • Social Work Out of Hours 08457 697284