Dingwall Academy




Tuesday 17th – Friday 20th August 2021


There is a really exciting programme for S1s can get to know the school, their teachers and each other.  The full programme will be shared Monday 16th August.  Things to look forward to:



We will spend time at the beginning of each day learning about Dingwall Academy, values, expectations and how to make the most of all the opportunities in S1.



We will come together at the end of each day to reflect.  What has gone really well?  What will we keep?  What will we change?  Pupils will complete a learning log each day to share at home.


Practical matters

We will learn about the canteen, break and lunch times, finding our way around the building and getting logged on.


Learning and teaching

We will meet teachers for about half our classes.  We will start to get to know each other – teachers and pupils.


House Activities

Each house group will do a different activity each day: Dingwall Explorer, Well-being Wall, House Games and Glock Orch.


We are really looking forward to the new Dingwall Academy S1.  Have a safe summer and see you in August.




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