Monday 20 August         Staff only

Tuesday 21 August        Pupils return

Monday 17 September   Staff only

Tuesday 18 September  Staff only

Friday 12 October         Close for October holidays


Monday 29 October        Staff and pupils return

Friday 21 December       Close for Christmas holidays



Monday 7 January          Staff and pupils return

Monday 18 February       Holiday

Tuesday 19 February      Holiday

Wednesday 20 February Staff only

Friday 5 April                 Close for Easter holidays


Tuesday 23 April             Staff and pupils return

Monday 6 May                Holiday

Monday 3 June               Staff only

Thursday 4 July              Close for summer holidays


Monday 19 August          Staff only

Tuesday 20 August         Pupils return

Monday 16 September    Staff only

Tuesday 17 September   Staff only

Friday 11 October          Close for October holidays


Monday 28 October        Pupils and staff return

Friday 20 December       Close for Christmas holidays



Monday 6 January          Pupils and staff return

Monday 17 February       Holiday

Tuesday 18 February      Holiday

Wednesday 19 February  Staff only

Friday 27 March             Close for Easter holidays


Tuesday 14 April            Staff and pupils return

Monday 4 May               Holiday

Monday 1 June              Staff only

Thursday 2 July             Close for summer holidays