Dingwall Academy School Uniform


School colours: black, white and grey



To be smartly dressed visibly wearing either the school logo or the school tie

More Detail: 

• If logo-ed top is taken off, then top underneath must be plain black, white or grey - no writing, colours or patterns

• There are no restrictions on type or colour of footwear unless they are a breach of health and safety


S1- 4

polo-shirts with school logo

t-shirts with school logo

fleeced zippies/hoodies/sweaters with school logo


shirt and tie

blazer with school logo – optional

More Detail: 

• Shirt can be black, white or grey

• Trousers can be black or grey – jet black denim/cotton jeans are acceptable

• If wearing a shirt and tie, jumper does not need to have logo but must be plain black or grey



shirt and tie



blazer with school logo

blazer with silver braiding and school logo for prefects

More Detail: 

• Shirt and tie is compulsory in senior school

• It is strongly encouraged that all senior pupils wear a blazer



tracksuit bottoms

faded black jeans / ‘designer’ jeans



short shorts

micro skirts

black/white/grey stripes, spots or checked garments

low cut vest tops



School uniform is now available from the following suppliers :

• Highland Schoolwear Centre, Academy Street Inverness - Website

• Schoolwear Made Easy, Harbour Road, Inverness