Dingwall Academy School Uniform


School colours: black, white and grey



To be smartly dressed visibly wearing either the school logo or the school tie

More Detail: 

• If logo-ed top is taken off, then top underneath must be plain black, white or grey - no writing, colours or patterns

• There are no restrictions on type or colour of footwear unless they are a breach of health and safety


S1- 3

polo-shirts with school logo

t-shirts with school logo

fleeced zippies/hoodies/sweaters with school logo


shirt and tie


More Detail: 

• Shirt can be black, white or grey

• Trousers can be black or grey – jet black denim/cotton jeans are acceptable

• If wearing a shirt and tie, jumper does not need to have logo but must be plain black or grey



shirt and tie




More Detail: 

• Shirt and tie is compulsory in senior school




tracksuit bottoms

faded black jeans / ‘designer’ jeans



short shorts

micro skirts

black/white/grey stripes, spots or checked garments

low cut vest tops



School uniform is now available from  Schoolwear Made Easy, Harbour Road, Inverness